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Kati Pankka

Hello there you wonderful human being and welcome to my site. My name is Kati Pankka and I am an everyday explorer and happiness ambassador. I believe that you can be content in every moment regardless of the circumstances. All you need to do is to find your own happy path.

Curious explorer & nature addict

My biggest source of inspiration is nature and I love exploring new places and finding hidden gems. My curiosity has led me to become an entrepreneur and a tour leader. A few years back I quit my office job to go backpacking around the world and that has definitely been the best decision of my life so far. The global pandemic has now taken me back to working within marketing, but on my free time I still enjoy exploring - now just closer to home.

From the North to the world

I come from Finland and appreciate the beauty of my home base. I am also beyond grateful that I've been able to live abroad (South Korea, Ireland, and Australia) and travel around the world to more than 40 countries. Those experiences have made me who I am today. Even though I'm partly an introvert I love meeting new people and creating connections.


I absolutely adore the pristine forests and all our unique four seasons here in Northern Europe.  I hope to see you joining me one day exploring this intriguing part of our beautiful world.


This story is always in progress... check back again in a while or maybe head over to my Instagram for more current content @explorewithkati

Stay curious - find your own happy path!

Different roles same Kati Pankka



I never planned to become an entrepreneur, but here we are. Following my calling just led me to this point. I established my one person business in spring 2019 and started as a freelance Tour Leader for Intrepid Travel (the leader in responsible, ethical small group adventures). Even though covid-19 situation has now put a halt on my meaningful tourism jobs I'm grateful that I took the leap of faith and became an entrepreneur. 


I like to call myself a hybrid entrepreneur since I'm often working on multiple projects and side hustles simultaneously.

Watersports and cycling on my radar

Human-powered and environmentally friendly forms of transport are close to my heart. Learning more about sailing and developing my cycling tour guide skills are on the list this year. I also thoroughly enjoy all sorts of water sports and maybe my career will one day take a turn more on that direction as well.


Let's collaborate?

I'm happy to discuss new projects that help people to enjoy life more. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a project in mind where you could use my help.


Tour Leader

In a way, I've been training for this profession all my life. I've been a scout since I was 7 years old and always enjoyed organizing trips and events. And yet it took me 30 years to realize I could actually do this for a living. It's the best job I could ever hope for!


Looking for a tour leader?

As a Tour Leader, I've specialized in Northern Europe. It would be my honor to lead a tour for your group here in my home country Finland, or in the Baltics, around Scandinavia, or well basically anywhere in the world really - if your group is up for some exploring?

Join an Online Tour!

As a covid-19 innovation I started hosting Online Experiences and Virtual Tours from Helsinki Finland. I was hosting Sauna Online Experiences with Urban Adventures and Interactive Helsinki Hidden Gem tours with Doerz.

Wanna take a look behind the scenes?

Follow me on Instagram to get a sneak peek behind the scenes and maybe also some goofy stories and travel inspiration.


Marketing Specialist

I studied corporate communications (BBA degree) and worked full-time within the field of online marketing and e-commerce for 6+ years.


Working for big international companies like Microsoft​ and Visma Services (nowadays Azets) have taught me how to streamline processes, but I also genuinely enjoy helping smaller companies. Pre-corona times I worked as a freelance digital marketing manager for travel agency Kon-Tiki Tours.


During covid-19 year I worked for the Guides and Scouts of Finland as a marketing and fundraising coordinator.

How can I help?

If you need a consultation about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), website management, newsletters, or online marketing, please do reach out. Right now I don't have the resources to take onboard any bigger marketing projects.

Curious about my professional background? Go ahead check it out on LinkedIn or contact me for more details.

@explorewithkati on Instagram

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