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I have created an ultimate online experience from Finland for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Discover everything about authentic Finnish sauna and wellness rituals, from ice swimming to quirky local habits and sauna drinks. Chat with me, your new local sauna host on this interactive virtual experience and teach your body and mind to endure extreme heat and cold.

As your host, I'll be happy to give you a tour of my home sauna. And then we'll head over to our nearby beach and cool off in the ice-cold sea and/or snow.


We will also discuss Finnish sauna etiquette and some of the essential words you need to know, all of which will make your future in-person visits to Finnish saunas significantly smoother. Mastering the dos and don’ts will help you to focus on the most important thing: relaxing.

This is my passion project of sharing positive vibes and promoting lovely sauna bathing habits from Finland. 

Sauna Online Experiences are available only for groups by request.


My newest wellness routine here in my hometown Helsinki is winter swimming, aka. ice swimming. I will share all my learnings and knowledge about this topic with you on Online Helsinki Experience: Sauna and Ice Swimming.

Featured in The Guardian's TOP 10 virtual travel experiences 2021 

The Guardian's top virtual travel experiences article features my Sauna and ice swimming experience from Finland.


 Intrepid Urban Adventures online experience led by me, your new Helsinki local friend, offers you an immersive peek into Finland's famous sauna culture.

"Pankka’s insights into traditional Finnish spa rituals include her taking an ice swim which, combined with sauna in winter, locals believe is a mood-booster with potential health benefits."

Virtual experiences are a way to:

  •  connect with local people in destinations all around the world

  •  learn, see and experience something new - even while you're staying at home

  •  support local tour guides while travel is on pause 

    Read the full article here


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