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I have been hosting Finnish Lapland in Winter tours for Intrepid Travel since 2019.


These trips up in the North of Europe with small groups (up to 12 passengers) are absolutely magical and unforgettable! Here you can read some reviews that my past responsible traveler guests have shared.


Finnish Lapland in Winter by Intrepid Tour Leader Kati Pankka:

"This trip is exceptional! Kati is a fantastic leader, who looked after every detail with passion and enthusiasm for her lovely country. I highly recommend this trip."

Robyn, USA, 2022

"This was my first intrepid tour and it did not disappoint. Kati was the most incredible leader and made the whole experience amazing. Lapland is a literal winter wonderland."

Shauna, Australia, 2023

"I highly recommend Intrepid and our super fun, informative and heartful guide Kati if you’re looking to maximize your Lapland in Winter adventure. I loved the sustainability of nature focus. Also the small group dynamics as we all became friends."
Sally, Australia, 2019

"This was a super, well-coordinated trip lead by Kati P.  Definitely loved the local dog sled experience & reindeer ride, and of course snowshoeing and sauna which were optional activities. The food we had on this trip was delightful as well. Highly recommend!"

Jennifer, USA, 2022

"Our tour leader Kati, was absolutely fantastic and in addition to the planned activities was also able to help each and every person find an individualized and incredible activity to do on their free day. This trip was the perfect balance of planned activities, optional activities and free time. I cannot say enough about this trip. I am truly grateful."

Erica, USA, 2023

"If you want to get off the beaten path and see the real Lapland then this trip is for you. It ticked off so many items on my bucket list. I drove a husky sleigh, took a ride in a reindeer drawn sleigh that felt like I had opened the door to Narnia and had a sauna experience that involved ice swimming. Simply breathtaking."
Jane, USA, 2019

"Intrepid gets you out there. I was able to enjoy being out in nature, seeing some wonderful natural areas as well as doing some outdoor activities which were the highlights of my trip."
Jennifer, Australia, 2019

"My first tour with Intrepid was in December 2019 and I thoroughly enjoyed my Finland in Winter 🇫🇮 adventure. From initial enquiry to our very last day I was in awe of the incredible experience unfolding."
Sally, Australia, 2019

By photographer Annapurna Mellor


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