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Blog about responsible travel coming soon

Traveling has always been my passion and doing it responsibly and sustainably is essential part of it. Here I wish to share some of my tips and tricks how to travel responsibly, and also, how to travel, when you actually can't physically travel. Right now I'm extremely curious to find out if virtual travel can tame the travel bug for a bit.

You may be able to entertain yourself with some of my travel stories from the past, including some failures and bloopers, just to keep it real.

Tour Leader Kati Pankka walking on a beach in South Australia
Camping in South Australia Jan 2018 by Tero Mäkelä

Paradox to be expected

These stories will all come from an introvert extrovert curious but shy explorer. A tour leader, who loves meeting new people and sharing wonderful stories, but at the same time gets easily anxious amongst hordes of people and quite often needs to escape the hustle and bustle to the nature. I come from Finland after all... We're more than used to social distancing already long before corona restrictions. And occasionally (or quite often) we actually love our personal space.

Stay tuned for travel stories and please join in while I ponder about responsible and modern travel.

Stay curious - find your own happy path!

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