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Positive vibes from Helsinki

#positivevibesfromhelsinki is my little passion project with the intention to introduce some lesser known corners of my home town while also interviewing inspiring people doing what they love. Supporting local business and learning at the same time. What could be better? Exciting sneak peeks behind the scenes are also essential part of this curious exploration project where the people I interview are total strangers to me.

I used to be too shy to talk to strangers, but traveling the world changed all that. One of the best things about traveling is to hear the stories of others, so now I wish to share these similar feelings to you as well through my "virtual travel" tours. - Kati Pankka

By the way, talking to strangers is much easier abroad. Here in Finland, we're not really used to small talk.... So my dear virtual traveller, you're welcome: I'm taking the bullet for you, and embracing the role of a "kylähullu" village lunatic, who smiles and talks to strangers.

I'm broadcasting these spontaneous interviews and tours live through my social media channels @explorewithkati Instagram and Facebook-page


Recorded LIVE interviews

Coming soon:

Brand new Taco Truck in Helsinki, Finland I Slo Bro's Taco Truck Interview May 12, 2020

Street Art Pioneer of Helsinki I Viva Granlund Interview July 2, 2020

Recorded LIVE Helsinki city tours


None of these interviews are paid for, but some of these wonderful small businesses have chosen to support my work by donating some coffee or lunch or something small to keep me going and warm my heart. <3


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